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Cabbing by John Miller, GG

I cut cabochons in the usual standard shapes (oval, round, cushion, pear, heart), as well as bullets, tongues, freeforms, etc.

Firm prices for cutting are given only after examining the material and discussing the required work. However, here are some sample prices in US dollars for cutting material supplied by you (prices do not include shipping):

  • Repolish/recut a cabochon in most materials, $15-$25. Corundum, $25-$75.
  • Cut from rough, most materials, $25-$60. Corundum, $40-$100.
  • Special designs and large stones will cost more, depending on the time required.


  • No large slabbing. I have only a six inch trim saw and can't handle anything more than about 2 inches thick.
  • No work on stones less than 3 mm in diameter.
  • No repetitive, bulk cutting.
  • All work is done at customer's risk

If you are interested in having some work done, please see our contact page to give us your correct email address and a description of the work desired. I will then give you a preliminary price quote and mailing instructions. After examining the work to be done, I will give you a firm price quote before doing any work. There is no charge for my examination of the stone involved.

Due to the inherent risks in gemcutting (primarily internal stress and hidden fractures), all work is undertaken only at the customer's risk; however, I have an excellent track record and have successfully cut gems valued in the tens of thousands of dollars. I can provide you with impeccable references if you so desire.

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