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Gemstone inlay

I can inlay a variety of gemstone materials in jewelry. Lapis lazuli, black onyx (dyed chalcedony), malachite, turquoise, opal, jasper, agate, sugilite, charoite, synthetic coral, etc., may be used. For simple geometric outlines (rectangular, triangular, circular, etc.), prices begin at $25. All inlays use solid sections of stone cut to fit the cavity in question, never crushed stone or dust, and good quality industrial epoxy cement is used. Firm price quotes will be provided after seeing the jewelry and determining exactly what needs to be done.

If you are interested in having some work done, please see our contact page to give us your correct email address and a description of the work desired. I will then give you a preliminary price quote and mailing instructions. After examining the work to be done, I will give you a firm price quote before doing any work. There is no charge for my examination of the stone involved.

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