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Repolishing cabochons.
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Repolishing cabochons

Cabochons that have been set in jewelry are usually fairly resistant to chipping, partly due to the protection of a metal setting and partly due to the lack of sharp edges and corners. However, they often become scratched and abraded through years of normal wear. This can greatly detract from the beauty of a stone. Fortunately, it's usually a simple job to repolish such a stone, and it can often (though not always) be done without removing the stone from its mounting.

Here's a typical black onyx that has been worn for a while and shows considerable surface abrasions.
Here's the same stone after repolishing.
Much better, n'est-ce pas?
Here's a lavender jadeite cabochon that has lost its polish. . .
. . . and here it is after repolishing.

Firm price quotes are given only after I actually see the stone and determine exactly what should be done. If you are interested in having this sort of work done, please see my cabbing page.